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Binary - You Need the Blue Key

by Miz DeShannon Rating:8 Release Date:2013-02-25

Another 80s revival is not something embraced by the masses, despite commercial has-beens ganging up and touring again, and handfuls of wannabes here and there half-heartedly citing all things Factory as a major influence. There aren't enough avenues embracing the dark and serious side of the 80s; the elements of it's music regarded as a poor relation to its pop; the experimental parts; the mysterious and anonymous parts. Binary are all of this good stuff from the start, ambitiously taking on early NIN, Ministry and Killing Joke (the former being fairly obvious as the band worked on You Need the Blue Key with NIN/Slayer/Marilyn Manson producer Sean Beavan).

This second single from the band is full of electronic flirtations with rock and metal (or vice versa), buzzes and whirrs, bass-driven noise and an opening, booming voiced narration sample from some sort of freaky Bladerunner-type film. It's post-punk futuristic revival material, un-released Depeche Mode kind of stuff, layers of noise, samples and bass-heavy beats. Binary aren't re-inventing the musical wheel here, but it's a spine-tingling pleasure to hear sinister electro mixed with intense guitar riffs - a sound growing in popularity with the likes of A Place to Bury Strangers The KVB and The Soft Moon.

There's clarity in high-pitched keys, keyboard sounds and sharp drum-machine beats, but also big, industrial distortion, grinding bass, and abrasiveness throughout, somehow still fitting in a melody of sorts. The brooding, monotone vocal finishes things off perfectly, a goth-influenced croon informed by Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division. And the video... Wow. Sci-fi animation, flashing lights and intense live shots. A sparkle of superiority over lads who just thrash guitars and turn up the bass.

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