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Peace - Wraith

by Lewis Shepherd Rating:10 Release Date:2013-01-14

This new up-and-coming four-piece from Birmingham have already been making quite a stir on the music scene. After snagging a record deal, the band spent most of last year touring and even supported The Vaccines and Magic Kids. They've released their debut EP, Delicious, and have been nominated for best new band at the NME awards. With comparisons to bands like The Foals, Friendly Fires and Wu Lyf, it looks likey you may be hearing a lot more from this band in 2013.

The sound of Peace, and 'Wraith' in particular, can be described as a dark yet upbeat blend of indie-techno-rock with hints of psychedelic, 60s inspiration spread throughout. Coupling excellently smooth guitar riffs and smoother indie vocals, I'll let you make those deductions yourself, the band make you want to dance and sing along, especially during the shout-out "dance forever."

Although Peace has taken inspiration from bands of recent times and we have heard music such as this before, they've managed to do it in an enjoyable and refreshing way, I mean, I've had this song on repeat for quite some time now and its vocals and sound is just as good as anything The Arctic Monkeys have ever put out.

So in other words, top marks to this song and I look forward to seeing more of this band as the next 12 months progress.

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