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The 1975 - Sex EP

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2012-12-08

This EP from Manchester's The 1975 starts promisingly, with skipping beats and burbling vocals very similar to alt-house darlings Disclosure. Following this, first track 'Intro/Set 3' develops a loping beat and stuttering rhythm which is more chillwave than house. The synths are sun-kissed and subtly ecstatic. It's all very pleasant but brief.

Second track 'Undo' is more of the same; whispering vocals, lumpy beats and a vaguely 80s-ish chorus in the style of Washed Out. Again, there's nothing really wrong with this but, not being a big fan of Washed Out to begin with, I find this a little on the boring side. Plus it's derivative.

The EP's title track signals an abrupt shift in tone, towards anthemic indie-rock. It actually sounds like a different band, albeit one just as unimaginative and derivative as before. One note of interest here is the lyrics, which you can actually make out for a change: "But if we're gonna do anything/ we might as well just fuck/ She's got a boyfriend anyway." Good lyrics, unfortunately wedded to some of the most lumpen, bad-indie-hair music I've heard all year.

'You' brings another gear-grind shift in sound, this time towards the mawkish folksploitation of fucking Mumford & Sons, which raises the uneasy suspicion that The 1975 are on a mission to rip off every pop trend going. Will 'hidden track' 'Milk' deliver some sledge-hammer bass-drops in the style of Skrillex or the appallingly-named-but-actually-quite-good Flux Pavilion? Well, no. In fact, 'Milk' sounds like a reasonably good indie-pop track, quite like The Drums, but with a more smudged and blurry production reminiscent of The Radio Dept. And it's actually good. Not ground-breaking, just basically decent indie with a catchy melody. The 1975 should stick to making this kind of music.

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