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San Cisco - Beach

by Greg Spencer Rating:7 Release Date:2012-12-10

If you love electro-pop, then San Cisco is the perfect band. They master the kind of emotional pull tons of similar groups miss out totally. They also ride the line between being light-hearted and whimsical without slipping into irritatingly quirky territory. Title track 'Beach' is an example of how San Cisco fuse youthful exuberance with a genuinely emotive sound which feels innocent yet sounds like a band maturing.

If the opening track on this EP sounds slow and reflective, next track 'Golden Revolver' is almost polar opposite. San Cisco's last EP was mainly surface pop songs akin to candy floss. They were all great pop songs but weren't ever going to change the world, and the band don't seem like they want to do anything profound anytime soon. 'Golden Revolver' is a solid effort, but without thrills lacking any obvious conviction or real emotion which is a shame.

Final tracks 'Reckless' and 'Lover' offer an insight into the Aussies' varied styles. The former a slow tempo and emotional offering. It's subtle and doesn't step over into the pretentious or sentimental which is a relief. 'Lover' offers up a slightly irritating chorus broken up by moments of sanity in the verses, it feels like too much quirk and zaniness and probably should have been replaced by another track which wouldn't have grated as much.

Overall, this is an EP designed to extend San Cisco's audience and widen their appeal. It should succeed in that, as bands like Fun. have shown that electro-indie music still has a place in the mainstream.

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