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Rejections - Receding Zones

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2012-11-07

'Corridor', which opens this EP, rides in on a wave of hissing, clanking industrial noise and... Well, pretty much continues in that vein for the rest of its duration, gradually building in intensity, clanginess, murkiness and general rusty, greasy unpleasentness.

So if you're the kind of music fan who bought the new Mumfords' album and thought "Oooh, more banjos. Challenging." - Avoid. This is very definitely not for you. To you, 'Corridor' and the following 'Storm', which is is roughly analogous to hearing some 90s rave through a wall of tinnitus and nausea, will make as about as much sense as a custard toilet seat. If, however, you enjoy immensely the most horrid bits of early Nurse With Wound, Faust and Throbbing Gristle, then you may well love this.

Me, I'm a tad ambivalent. It's certainly authentically industrial, well-produced and impressively clanky (did I mention the clanking?), but I doubt I'll play it often. However, Receding Zones is, I'm sure, exactly what its creators intend it to be and it's very good at being that. A lesson for us all there, perhaps.

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