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This Many Boyfriends - Number One

by Andy Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2012-10-01

The new This Many Boyfriends single is another summery slice of indie-pop perfection, the ideal antidote to the predicted trillion days of rainfall across the country. Like their last single, '(I Should Be A) Communist', 'Number One' is a new recording of a track from their debut EP Getting a Life With.

It's a relatively simple song; the guitar part clear and nimble, the percussion straight from the Mo Tucker school of drumming and the lyrics simple but delivered sincerely. Along with fellow Leeds bands such as Just Handshakes (We're British) and The Birthday Kiss, this band is making the kind of effortless indie-pop which recalls classic acts from Orange Juice to the Go-Betweens. It's a good time to be an indie-pop fan.

The video for 'Number One' sees the band running around by the seaside like indie-pop's answer to The Monkees, perfectly capturing the bands irrepressible sense of optimism and energy. As with every decent indie band, there's a quality b-side to wrap your ears around too, with the punchy pop of 'Polite Swearing'. Their full-length debut album will be out soon. You should be excited!

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