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The Antlers - Undersea EP

by Al Brown Rating:6 Release Date:2012-07-30

Having been introduced to The Antlers by last year's Burst Apart, hopes were not high for this new EP. Burst Apart was hyped to hell on release - adjectives like 'serious' and 'adult' were thrown around with gay abandon - reviewers generally neglected to say outright that it sounded like Coldplay, although, I suppose, the clues were all there.

Listening again to that album, it sounds more like a weak, Kid A era Radiohead parody, but my point stands, and the point is that I still don't give a fuck about The Antlers. Perhaps Burst Apart's problem was wanting to be all things to all people: thoughtful and ambient, but with big hooks and bigger messages - which might be great if it was like, say, Popol Vuh meets The Velvets; but it was more Sigur Ros meets U2.

Then again, all this is probably down to personal prejudice: namely that slow, repetitive music which goes nowhere gets right on my tits. The first track here, '

' is extremely slow and repetitive but gets points for being drowsily euphoric, rather than the usual depressive stuff they do. I sometimes feel like an arsehole for saying "this would be good music to take MDMA to", but this really would be good music to take MDMA to.

Speaking of euphoria, '

', which crosses a line into total self-absorbed formlessness, while remaining superficially pretty.


' carries on with the whole dreamy, sedated feel, and it occurs to me that if I had to listen to a whole album of this I would probably be extremely angry by the end of it. But you win this time, The Antlers: the general brevity and surprising lack of moany self-absorption on at least two of these tracks means you win.

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