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Disclosure - The Face EP

by Rich Morris Rating:8 Release Date:2012-06-04

They might be young but Disclosure are developing fast. With only a handful of releases and well-received remixes under their belts, the duo are already masters of their sound: an utterly infectious, flirtatious mix of 90s house vibes, 2-step, cut-up diva vocals, UK bass and maverick electronica. However, on this new EP, it sounds like the wayward genius and wonky party noise of last year's brilliant 'Carnival' single is being left behind, and if that's the case it's a bit of a shame.However, there's plenty to enjoy here, even if, as on 'Boiling' and 'What's in Your Head', the sounds sometimes verge on being a little too tasteful.

Every track is super sexy, vibrating with a kind of futurist funk with feels unique to the music Disclosure are making right now. Things kick up a gear with third track 'Lividup'. Probably the best thing here, it's as close as the duo has got to a straight-up dancefloor banger and that's no bad thing. Final track 'Control', featuring Ria Ritchie, keeps the energy up while also having a lovely autumnal air to it.

All in all, although I find myself missing the scrappiness of their earlier releases a little, there are no duff tracks here. Disclosure don't just sound like a clever synthesis of dance music's past and present, they sound like they could be its future too.

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