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The Subways - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

by Emily Bielby Rating:5 Release Date:2012-05-07

I'm slightly disappointed, but not unexpectedly; after hearing their preview of' It's a Party' to give us a taste of what their mostly anticipated third album would sound like, I even doubted that there would be a second single, let alone third.

This is evidently not as heavy as their previous stuff, a tad stale but the recognisable pop flavouring is still there. I think the gritty, raw, rock edge that the likes of 'Oh Yeah' and 'Rock and Roll Queen' had are greatly missed. Tasty guitar riffs are what makes 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' tolerable, but I fear they're treading deep into the punk rock genre instead of the alternative/grunge rock tag they were loved for and I do wonder why they would name a track after a 1960s film. However, the album's cover artwork seems considerably appropriate. I think they need to shake things up a bit more if they want to top the charts this summer.

B-Side 'To Your Door' is a tad more refreshing and a bit more flavoursome. It would have perhaps worked better as the single; it's the perfect get up and go tune packed with infectious guitar flicks and fast drum beats, but the bass isn't as down and dirty as it once was

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