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The Milk - Broke Up the Family

by Emily Bielby Rating:7.5 Release Date:2012-04-02

The Milk are starting to cause quite a stir amongst the British press at the moment, being bigged up by both the Guardian and NME and selling out shows across multiple reputable venues without even having a record deal; these Essex rockers must be doing something right.

Just like a hip hop infused 'B-Roads', their new single 'Broke Up the Family' is just as catchy with its share of electrifying grooves but is a lot darker and on more of a personal level but... You may still find yourself wanting to dance your way through as its funky vibes are somewhat infectious.

Having just recently completed recording their debut album, 'Broke Up the Family' is just a teaser to wet the appetites of contemporary soul and taut-guitar-rock fans. Old-skool funk tinged with a slight pop flavouring makes this a hit single, it's fresh out of the box and full of fun.

We're also treated to Hostage V RacknRun and Kenny Ken remixes and if that wasn't enough, a delicious instrumental has been thrown in to the mix as well. Both remixes manage to entice. I feel the the Jamaican twang on the Kenny Ken version is a slightly refreshing difference to the clean radio edit; with fast beats dropping in almost instantly, it makes for an interesting yet unique change. The instrumental pushes this bands talent to the limits and they succeed, making them even more likable.

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