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Potent Whisper - Sacrifice

by Charly Richardson Rating:7.5 Release Date:2012-04-09

A BRIT school graduate, member of dubstep crew We Are Dubist and positive, politically-charged collective The People's Army', South West London rapper Potent Whisper follows up his last Single 'MYNIB' (Featuring Tenchoo) with 'Sacrifice'.

Produced by Mr. Krus and promising post-dubstep/hip hop producer Wu-Lu (check out his SoundCloud page), 'Sacrifice' starts promisingly with a tasteful, melancholy flamenco sample. This sets the tone for what the press release calls a "three minute journey through the realities of sacrifice" (the single subtitle is "With great love, comes great sacrifice"). The production compliments this theme nicely; it is simple, warm and beautiful.

As his name implies, Potent Whisper is clearly more reflective and philosophical than your average rapper, and in 'Sacrifice' he speaks personally and maturely about what really matters in life, expressing a longing for family, legacy and a shunning of materialism. It's refreshing to hear a positive rap lyrics talking about more than how good a rapper he is, but it still feels like the themes of the song could be explored even further. That said, it is a short song; maybe that's for the next single.

Stylistically, Potent Whisper has an intriguing and unique flow. It is quite staccato, syncopated and intimate, and sometimes at odds with the smooth flowing backing track. But it generally works. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a background or at least some experience in performance poetry. Despite being the only rapper or vocalist, he keeps the momentum going, although the chorus could have been a bit better distinguished.

Overall, 'Sacrifice' is a reflective, and carefully considered single, if a little underdeveloped. Still, in a scene still feeling the aftershocks of in-your-face grime, this is a nice slice of chilled, UK hip hop proper from an upcoming rapper who is involved with two underground but important London collectives.

'Sacrifice' can be downloaded for free at

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