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Labirinto - Kadjwynh EP

by Andy Brown Rating:9 Release Date:2012-04-16

If you're a regular Soundblab follower you may have noticed me singing (well, writing) the praises of Brazil's foremost post-rock band Labirinto and their staggeringly brilliant debut album Anatema. A debut LP that summoned up all the drama and beauty of Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky; a mightily impressive listen and one of the year's finest releases. How do you follow up an album which was that good and the culmination of years of work? (If you can call being in a really cool Brazilian post-rock band work). Simple, you just go and record a glorious new EP called Kadjwynh.

The EP see's Shellacs' Bob Weston return for mastering duties and presents us with four deliciously brooding new tracks. 'Non Sunt Daemones' serves as a short introductory piece with its swell of drones and crackling feedback; an ominous wall-of-noise which chimes in perfectly with the darkly beautiful artwork. The buzzing subsides and second track, 'Tuira' charges in with all the urgency of Mogwai at their most dynamic. All of the tracks on Anatema were lengthy post-rock workouts yet 'Tuira' cuts-to the-chase, as it were, with a suitably exciting few minutes of heart-racing drama.

Third piece 'Piam Ket' keeps up the sense of urgency with pounding drums courtesy of Muriel Curi and impressive guitar work from duel guitarists Erick Cruxen and Daniel Fanta. Labirinto are clearly highly accomplished musicians with an ear for darkly cinematic and truly epic sounding rock music. Final piece, 'Cairo' certainly emphasises their cinematic side with its array of lush strings and delicately played-out drama. 'Cairo' is the closest to their work on Anatema and is the only track to stretch to 10 minutes; it's a suitably jaw-dropping way to wind-up the EP.

With an EP as tantalisingly impressive as Kadjwynh it's exciting to think what they'll bring out for album number two. Until then, I recommend that you buy Kadjwynh (and Anatema if you haven't already) and immerse yourself in the stunning world-of-sound Labirinto effortlessly create.

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