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The Cast of Cheers - The Cast of Cheers

by Paul Downey Rating:9 Release Date:2012-02-20

Bouncing onto our sound system, the latest single from unknown Indie poppers The Cast of Cheers, is a delightful burst of excellence. 'Family' has a wonderful repetitive riff, which will stay with you long after it's 2:32. The Dubliners' sound is hard to pigeonhole, as the vocals seem closer to Ian Curtis than Tom Meighan. The overall sound comes close to The Futureheads at their best.

B-side 'Loose Talk at a Party' carries on in a similiar vein. It's short, it's snappy and it's very catchy. Certainly if The Cast of Cheers are in your local bar anytime soon, it's worth buying them all a drink if they can carry on in this vein.

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