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Amadou & Mariam feat Santigold - Dougou Badia

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2012-03-19

Husband and wife music makers Amadou & Mariam have achieved fame far beyond the Malian scene which birthed them. They've previously worked with Damon Albarn, who lent their Mali folk-rock music a synthetic edge which suited it incredibly well. Here, they team up with US artist Santigold, who's flinty, attitudinal vocals work perfectly against the throb of swirl of 'Dougou Badia'. The song has militaristic feel, which Amadou's nervy guitar riff and clanging, pounding percussion adding to the mixed sense of excitement and foreboding in the verses and the release when Amadou switches to restless thrashing in the chorus.

It takes a few listens for this song to really grip you by the proverbials, but grip it does. It might not be as complex or beautiful as previous A&M songs, but it makes up for that with explosive, but never totally spent, energy.

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