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Jack White - Love Interruption

by Paul Downey Rating:6.5 Release Date:2012-03-10

Despite being involved with countless side-projects in the past, Jack White's first real solo outing away from The White Stripes has got many fans on the edge of their seats. Can he re-recreate the magic away from Meg, or will he fall flat like so many others have in the past?

Sadly 'Love Interruption' does not answer this question either way. It is a decent enough acoustic-led track, with whispers of 'My Doorbell' and even Dusty Springfield, but there is always a sense that White may be playing within himself. 'Love Interruption' is a safety-first release, which does everything you expect from Jack from The White Stripes, but next time it would be refreshing to hear him step out of the shadows and show us something new.

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