The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Acid Reflex EP

by Al Brown Rating:4 Release Date:2012-04-21

Earnest indie types POBPAH might not seem the most obvious candidates for remix treatment, but this Record Store Day limited edition vinyl release is sure to appeal at least to their die-hard fans and a load of eBay chancers. In fairness, as well as nailing the 90s guitar-pop sound with refreshing exuberance on the last LP, there was a detour to New Ordersville ('The Body') which hinted at the kind of indie that comes on 12s, and you gotta dance, rather than sway, to.

The Violens remix of 'The Body' on this EP is less than subtle, introducing what sound like the demented screechings of a sawmill as background noise and giving the song a jarring sinister edge. Opener 'Heart in Your Heartbreak' is more tasteful, or perhaps merely conservative. I'd plump for the former: resisting the urge to tack a really banging beat to the chorus of a euphoric number like this takes no small amount of self-control. Saint Etienne's remix of 'Too Tough' sounds like Saint Etienne: horrifically polite somnolent eurodance is what I'm talking about when I talk about Saint Etienne; your mileage probably does vary.

True to form, Washed Out transform peppy teen-dream 'My Terrible Friend' into a waking cough-syrup coma. Has there ever been a more aptly named band than Washed Out? To be fair, this kind of music probably sounds great in certain situations (when you're young, in love, and/or on lots of drugs) but it's not my fault that my 'music criticism hour' has to take place mainly when sober and hunched over a laptop in my parents' spare room.

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