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Lights - Where the Fence is Low

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2012-01-31

Rather late to arrive over here in the UK, Lights makes a play for the electronic pop market. 'Where the Fence is Low' is a perfect example of what she does, but most of her fans will have already heard the new album (having been out for several months in America, 'Toes' and 'Banner' the singles over there).

The young songstress plays heavily on the electronics with this single, flirting with dubstep in the chorus, possibly what her record label are aiming to capitalise on. However, it isn't the strongest song from the album nor does it fully show off her talents. What the single does display is her dreamy melodies and strong ties to nature. It offers a reassurance to herself and others in the exhilarating feeling of breaking new ground as an individual.

Since there are better songs on the album, you can't help but feel her label is targeting a very specific audience with this lead single, rather than the broad appeal that her album could have.

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