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Bear In Heaven - Reflection of You

by Rich Morris Rating:8 Release Date:2012-02-27

Picking up pretty much where the mighty 'Lovesick Teenagers' left off, 'Reflection of You', taken from forthcoming album I Love You, It's Cool, initially seems a tad lightweight in comparison. Give it a few listens, however, and what at first feels a little messy and unfinished soon makes sense as a huge, vaulting slab of wildly romantic alt-synth-pop. You just have to surrender to it, and by the time the electro-shocking coda swings round, kicked off by Jon Philpot's pitch-shifted plea for a quick shuffle, everything is perfect.

That's the good news, now the bad: Bear in Heaven 2012 have 33.3 recurring per cent less facial hair. Gone is Philpot's glorious 70s porn 'tash. Is his clean-cut new look a bid for teen pin-up appeal? Perhaps. At least bassist Adam Wills has retained his brave 'Mike from Spaced' lip furniture. So all is well and this single is ace.

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