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Mock the Zuma - Black Puddle

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2012-01-26

Some more electro-oddness from the redoubtable Fullfridge label. Mock the Zuma (not sure about the name) creates complex, subtle soundscapes which draw on two-step, garage, trip hop and Warp electronica. There are no big moments or even really much of a tune to 'Black Puddle' or b-side 'Trench' - you certainly couldn't rave it up to them - but both are packed with intricate, inventive beats, angular dynamics and grippingly spooky atmospherics. The single also comes with remixes from Non5ilent and Bombe which, to be honest, don't really add anything but don't detract either. Good stuff. Not amazing, but this is definitely superior electronica.

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