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The Do's/Fur Blend/The Clandestines - Spectemur Agendo EP

by Andy Brown Rating:9 Release Date:2012-03-05

Wakefield-based indie label Philophobia Music sure know how to spoil us rotten. The Spectemur Agendo EP gives us three bands and six songs in just over 20 minutes and is proof, if any were needed, that there's a thriving indie-rock scene out there if you know where to look. The Do's open proceedings with 'Without a Reason', which manages to do 90s, alt-rock slacker-cool better than the Americans. They then give us the even better 'Clickey Bits' which starts slow before exploding into the kind of over-excited flurry of distortion not seen since those early Flaming Lips records. If you're enjoying the alt-rock stylings of Yuck at the moment then you'll find plenty to love about The Do's.

Next up, two tracks by Fur Blend and I may have just found my new favourite band. 'Deer Stalker' is an excitable indie duet about a kind of happy resignation at the end of a long night as Paul Flesher and Laura Thompson sing, "But I still went home with you, in the taxi behind, staring in through the windows and her eyes…" Flesher and Thompson's strong vocals help set them apart and their songs are effortlessly infectious. Second offering, 'Bone' combines Sonic Youth guitars and Flesher and Thompson's passionate vocals to stunning effect as Thompson sings, "Don't try and shock it, it'll bring you down and if you try and shock it, in my love you'll drown…" Definitely a band to watch, I can't wait to hear a full album.

The Clandestines play us out, starting with the emotive 'You'd Have Never Even Asked My Name as Long as You Got the Satisfaction You Need'. Coming on like the The Cribs with added heartache, confusion and disgust, they sing, "Don't wear your heart on your sleeve, for everyone to see 'cos there's a strong link between this and the disgust I feel". They bring the EP to a close with 'Heavy Now' which combines the sprightly punk energy of The Thermals and a healthy dose of anger as they spit, "These empty hearts were heavy now… Here's to all the things I love, so fucking tough, they don't mean much". Well, they do say that anger is an energy.

The Spectemur Agendo EP is a joy to behold. I've found three new bands and a fantastic indie label all in one go and for a meagre three pounds you can do the same. Bags of enthusiasm, tonnes of conviction and a whole lot of youthful energy; you couldn't ask for much more. The kind of EP that restores your faith in indie-rock.

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Great review, Andy. Glad there's some exciting stuff coming out of Wakey.

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Ta. Yeah, nice to know all this is going on up the road in Wakefield!...

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