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Disclosure - Tenderly/Flow

by Rich Morris Rating:9 Release Date:2012-02-13

Back with a double a-side, the improbably young and talented Disclosure duo continues to make music both skilful and surprising. 'Tenderly' takes a 90s house vibe and, as the cool kids are wont this days, skewers it with chopped and sped-up vocals and clattering beats. 'Flow', meanwhile, slows things down to sex them up before hitting you with a tune that is, well, massive, frankly. Full of bouncing synth sounds, soulful-yet-warped vocals and just a pure sense of fun, it wobbles around for five-odd minutes in a way that is both erratic and seductive, nine Bacardi Breezers to the wind but still damn disco fabulous. It flat-out demands to be named as one of the best dance tracks of 2012 and we're only in, what, February? Crazy. We've yet to hear anything bad from these boys.

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