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Heblank - Flowers & You EP

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2011-10-27

Another dose of first-class electronica from Fullfridge Music, this brace of tunes from enigmatic 'bedroomer' Heblank mixes 90s house beats and piano riffs with spacious dub atmospherics and a lo-fi aesthetic. It's simultaneously the sound of the open road and staying in on a Friday night to get stoned off your nut, making tunes on your laptop until the small hours.

Of the two tracks, 'Hydrangea' is probably the best, with its chopped-up vocals and ping-pong beats, but second track 'Lantana' is also pretty fine. Heblank should perhaps steer further towards the leftfield on future releases to avoid overdosing on those cheesy rave sounds. But then again, who doesn't love a lacto-binge sometimes. Flowers & You sounds like Whigfield getting jiggy in a k-hole circa 1995, and I know I'm down with that.

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