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Kyla La Grange - Heavy Stone/ Lambs

by James Briscoe Rating:7.5 Release Date:2011-10-17

Popular music went in to a deep decay recently but artists have looked to the past for inspiration, one of those talents being the exotically named Kyla La Grange. Watfordian La Grange, a former Cambridge student, could be described as a cooler, eerie update on Dolly Parton or a redneck Kate Bush.

The first track on the double a-side goes by 'Heavy Stone' but La Grange's harmonies float like butterflies on thermals of soft, wild western guitars. Track two, 'Lambs', has the same throwback quality, possibly more predictable but La Grange sings with a confident style you'd expect from a pop legend. 'Lambs' was released as a free download on October 14 as a precursor to this single and you can find it on La Grange's website, - go on, treat yourself.

Of both tracks, 'Heavy Stone' seems more likely to live in the memory - I guess you could call it the jewel in the crown. However, both tracks show the potential which is already bearing fruit and it's always more impressive when a solo singer makes it. They take every criticism on their shoulders so should take the majority of the praise also.

You could almost get away with criticising La Grange's vocal tones as dated but their beauty and clarity make 'Heavy Stone'/'Lambs' timeless, a quality which will always succeed. It's a polished performance and recording, hard to criticise and I'm predicting a bright future for this highly-talented artist.

This November, La Grange will take to the road supporting Guillemots on their five date tour which starts in Hull on November 12 climaxing at London's Koko on the November 17.

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