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Non5ilent - HzFunken EP

by Rich Morris Rating:8 Release Date:2011-10-08

Proper glitchy, twisted electronica here, just like Aphex Twin and Autechre used to make. Opening track 'Lavomatic' starts out blocky and harsh, lurching all over the place before lush synth sounds suddenly seep in and the whole thing becomes some kind of future queasy-sexy-night-time classic. It's a perfect soundtrack for that stoned, mildly paranoiac 1am trip to the garage for a six-pack of Monster Munch and some chocolate milk.

Track two, 'Fontaine', deconstructs a UK garage beat, sending it pinging, dilating and contracting all over the place, before pouring squalling acid synth everywhere. Constantly inventive, it's music for the urban spaceman in all of us. It's followed by the superbly squelchy 'Channel 63', this EP's most Aphex-alike moment, which also finds room for some acid house and early techno sounds. To finish, we get the GROJ Purple remix of 'Channel 63', which, in true Aphex style, sounds very little like the original and more like having your ears invaded by techno-loving marching ants.

By now, you'll know full well whether this is a release you'll like. If it is then good for you - you're in for a treat. If not - hey, I hear that new Coldplay album isn't too bad...

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