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Screama Ballerina - Skeleton Army

by Steve Reynolds Rating:7 Release Date:2011-10-31

'Skeleton Army' is the new single my Brighton punk brats Screama Ballerina, and is the follow up to their gloriously bile-spitting debut seven-inch 'Rich Kids'. This time round the production is cleaner, still angry and bolder but less rough round the edges while maintaining a heavy flexing of urgent and bulging riffs. Charlie O'Connor launches a tirade of abuse against the modelling industry by maintaining a chorus of "Nil by mouth - these are the rules we live by/ Are you in or are you out?"

'Skeleton Army' is much heavy than their debut single demonstrating a band growing and putting down markers of improvement with every step they take. It's less punk more grunge-like in its sound. Screama Ballerina don't do submissive and are not afraid to kick out about subjects which some bands would be too afraid to even consider - long may it continue as they wade through the turgid swamp of dead-eyed boy bands and karaoke X Factor wannabes.

Long live the musical revolution, comrades and all who sail in the good ship Screama Ballerina!

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