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Exitmusic - From Silence

by Rich Morris Rating:4 Release Date:2011-11-14

Goth. Goth things. Sulking. Black. Leather. Night-time. Flapping wings. Pouts. Clubs in Hollywood films where people in ludicrous fetish gear waddle to remixes of Nine Inch Nails songs. Vampires. Enforced celibacy as sadomasochistic sex game. Hanging round graves in Whitby. From Silence, the new EP for NY duo Exitmusic, makes one think of all these things. It is a very, very goth thing indeed.

How goth? The four songs here are called 'The Sea', 'The Modern Age' ("We run from the modern age," warbles singer Aleksa Palladino like a... Well, a big goth), 'The Hours' (Should have been called 'The Weeks' - thank you, 30 Rock) and 'The Silence'. Each one is epic in scope and fuzzy In content, just perfect for soundtracking an adolescent sulk or perhaps that scene in the film you're directing where a pale-as-death teen virgin gets off on not boinking the hunky corpse-muffin who's hanging out in her room even though he is a couple of hundred years old and would thus be on the sex offenders register if he didn't spend daylight hours sleeping in a manky old crypt. Way to make your momma proud, goth girl.

I digress. Oh, no wait - I've finished. In summary: the uber-goth.

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