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L-Vis 1990 - Lost in Love

Judging by DJ sets, remixes and edits alone, L-Vis 1990 was always one the more accessible producers of the Night Slugs clan; with a penchant for poppy house and big basslines, his beats frequently carried a more danceable and club-friendly edge than his more grime-orientated label-mates. So the fact that on first hearing 'Lost in Love', the new single from his debut album Neon Dreams, is a surprisingly shameless commercial bend even for L-Vis, something about his intentions on breaking into the mainstream. It's unknown territory for the famously 'grime meets house' label, and whether the underground community which serves as Night Slug's loyal fan-base will be receptive to this change remains to be seen.

While this summery, pop-indebted single will undoubtedly split people right down the middle, for the record your humble reviewer senses that it could yet become a dancefloor mainstay, the Night Slugs Allstars Street Dub version which accompanies the single returns to the familiarly seedy sound for which the London label have become renowned. Haunting synths, lurching basslines and crunching loops replace the angelic vocals and upbeat melodies of the original. This should satisfy both parties for the time being, yet the real litmus test will arrive when L-Vis' full-length eventually hits the shelves.

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