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Charlotte Gainsbourg - Terrible Angels EP

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2011-09-19

Following the critical plaudits for 2009's IRM album and the interesting sidestep of last year's Live at Sunset Sound EP, France's most well-connected alt-pop star is back with this new EP, which seems to hover at a crossroads between those two releases. The title track could be viewed as a progression from IRM's more synth-happy moments. It's the kind of bleepy glitter-stomp Goldfrapp used to specialise in but - merde! - it seems Charlotte and cohort Beck have forgotten to include an actual tune and the result is blocky and rather unlovely.

It's followed by the EP's other new song, 'Memoir', a wispy, suspenseful acoustic ballad written by Villagers' Conor O'Brien which is very nice but a little inconsequential. The best track here is actually a live version of 'IRM', its Silver Apples churn embroidered with an arresting array of effects and tricks. To round things off, we get a live cover of Dylan's 'Just Like a Woman'. Gainsbourg's breathy vocals do nothing to lessen the lyrics' creepy misogyny. So unless you're a big fan, this is a long way from being an essential purchase. If you're looking to discover Charlotte's music, get IRM or its predecessor 5:55, both of which show her at her best.

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