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Squarehead - Fake Blood

by Al Brown Rating:6 Release Date:2011-09-05

Going on this single, Squarehead are one of those bands it's easy to like but equally easy to poke holes in. Copious references to The Beach Boys on their press release want to push me in a certain way, but I don't buy it. See, The Beach Boys were a bunch of kids who got beaten by their dad and were stupidly obsessive about music - Squarehead are a bunch of kids who spent too much time listening to Weezer and smoking mad doobies. Not that there's anything wrong with that; I fucking long for the rain that will wash all these bearded, perma-falsetto nerds and their half-assed rock operas off the streets and out to sea. Jesus, remember when music used to be immediate and make your heart pump and people who obsessed over guitar effects and vintage synths were laughed at? Good times. Anyway this song has a pretty good melody and doesn't try to be some bullshit po-mo 'statement', but it's both intentionally and unintentionally lazy and if their whole album is like this then it just ain't good enough.

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Great review!

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