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Adalita - The Repairer

by Lewis Shepherd Rating:7 Release Date:2011-09-05

Adalita, front-woman and founding member of Australian rock band Magic Dirt returns with her debut solo single 'The Repairer' from her self titled debut solo album Adalita. After almost 20 years, Magic Dirt went on hiatus last year and it looks as though Adalita has taken the break to concentrate on her solo material, and her debut single is rather good.

The song is a mixture of melancholy and ambient soft-rock that blends the singer's rocky vocals in nicely with a mix of heavy guitars and a haunting echo in the background. The confection does sound quite sad despite her rock styled voice so credit has to be given to her for that, and you can really hear the influences of PJ Harvey and Cat Power coming through. I must add that you can also detect a little bit of the great Patti Smith in the more spoken word parts.

The song isn't something you would call a favourite after the first listen, but something sticks with you that makes you want to listen again. I think it may be the haunting background coupled with the guitar, but it is definitely a grower, so top marks to her for that.

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