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Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy & Andrew WK - I'm A Goner

by Alexander Segall Rating:7 Release Date:2011-08-21

When I saw that Soulja Boy, of all people, were collaborating with the happy-yet-slightly-dark Matt & Kim, and that motivational speaker Andrew WK was along for the ride, I shuddered. That this is all part of the Converse stable (indie shoe du jour notwithstanding) added another frisson of horror down the spine. It shouldn't work, it's a sell-out of epic proportions, it's pandering to massive corporations...

Scarily (and no, I'm not referring to the zombiefied, morguetastic video) this is actually quite good. Matt & Kim give us some nice choruses, twinkly synths, disco drums. Andrew WK repeats that chorus with barely disguised circus-clown abandon. What of Soulja Boy, I hear you ask? Is there a dance? Does he Superman a ho? Luckily, no - in fact, his verses are almost tolerable. He's no Black Thought, not even a Kanye West, and the images and wordplay are forgettable, but nothing feels offensive.

Had this been Soulja Boy's first outing on a track, had this not been a corporate stable shindig, then less ridicule and more appreciation would come from all quarters. As it stands, you've got a pretty good, late-summer song, with a cracking video, that if I heard on the radio, would quite enjoy. Pity, really, that no-one asked Andrew WK to crank that...

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