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The Neon Mile - Weight in Gold

by Steve Reynolds Rating:6.5 Release Date:2011-06-27

Subtle strings, wispy vocals against a gentle breeze of acoustic plucked guitar: that's the opening gambit of The Neon Mile's new single 'Weight in Gold'. They sit firmly in the guile and craft of classic song-writing rather than the bluster and power of guitars masking musical shortcomings. At times they venture towards elements of indie-pop but the singing style is much more reserved and focussed as the band are more than serious about their assault on the music business.

The single seems to speak of a collapsed relationship where the singer is rather downtrodden that his partner holds him in such high esteem and he can't rise to such an elevated opinion. This is compounded with lyrics such as "I'm not worth a single thing, I'm not worth my rule as king, I'm not worth your weight in gold".

Its breezy melancholy and mixed with its plaintive structure it's a decent stab at folk-infested pop.

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