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Spector - Never Fade Away

by Emily Bielby Rating:8 Release Date:2011-06-20

Their choruses are huge, so this can only mean one thing for Spector and our man Fred, who, of course is no stranger to this band lark, being the frontman for the now defunct Les Incompetents. New romantics Spector have only been together a few months - they're not ones to waste time, are they? They've just released 'Never Fade Away' as their new single (and what a cracking release it is). Like their choruses, there's no question really as to how huge these guys will be.

After only one minute in, the track oozes sex, joy and hope and has all the nostalgia of the 80s crammed into a three minute time slot. The electronic pop of the 80s is an obvious influence throughout, especially the resemblance to Joy Division's 'Atmosphere' evident in the drumming.

Tender and sincere lyrics ("Whatever you ask of me, I will obey. Just give me the word, I'll start fading away") are enhanced by McPherson's deep tones which give 'Never Fade Away' a kick of raw energy. A heartfelt ballad with plenty of sorrowful croons.

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Spector - Never Fade Away - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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