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O'Death - Bugs

by Emily Bielby Rating:7 Release Date:2011-05-30

After re-grouping, O'Death are set to release their third album Outside and first track offered up as a glimpse of what's in store is 'Bugs' and what a solid intriduction it is. The track kicks off with a tender manner and it isn't long before 'Bugs' escalates into an outstanding mix of folk and bluegrass; delivering a distinct sound which stands them apart from fellow Brooklyn bands such as Vampire Weekend and TV on the Radio.

'Bugs' showcases O'Death's more fragile side, with Greg Jamie singing life-assessing lyrics such as "I know that days don't come back, please believe in me". Sorrow expressed to its finest, the track pleads for your attention. Having experienced some troubling times, with drummer Rogers-Berry being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, 'Bugs' could well be the perfect remedy for the band. Considering the production may never have happened; there's a slight hint from this track that an infectious folk-pop drenched album could be on the cards.

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