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Kreayshawn - Bumpin' Bumpin'

by Clare Stemp Rating:7 Release Date:2011-06-27

"Ey, can I spend the night at your house?


"… Can you hear me, bitch?"

No pet, she can't. That much is clear. The reception is bad. You should probably hang up. Or record the conversation and use it at the beginning of your debut UK single. Kreaytive!

I was excited by the prospect of a new pint-sized lady rapper, there's been a bit of a drought of late. Did I miss something in that description? Oh yes, she's white. Which is, apparently, her 'unique selling point', as someone trying to seduce Alan Sugar may say, the twat. It's not 'unique' though, as Lady Sovereign, Eminem, Envy, The Beastie Boys and many (less famous) others would testify. In fact, Lady Sov presented the 'tiny + white + woman = rapper' package in 2005 and went on to become relatively big in the USA after Jay-Z signed her to Def Jam - not bad going for a grimy little Cockney. So why all the fuss six years on?

Twenty-one-year-old Kreayshawn's (yes, as in Cre-a-tion, because she is well cool and that) first release in the US was 'Gucci Gucci', a sublimely catchy slice of grime-pop with a stodgy bassline. To sum up, it was great, a real rap-along head-nodder of a track. It attacked all the "basic bitches" (one of her favourite words, not brilliantly empowering) who wear high-fashion labels. So, immediately obvious is that she does not provide lyrics with any kind of depth, just hip observations about 'bitch-hoes' who have 'swag', which means they are bodacious or something. Growing up in Oakland, California, she appears to have lived some kind of 'thug-life', often referring to carrying a 'chopper' (a stupid name for a gun - why doesn't it mean knife? We all chop shit up with knives) and dealing drugs. Gosh, what a braggart!

These claims have lead some to believe, in the YouTube and blog-based furore she has managed to whip up, that she is 'trying to be black', with some citing 'evidence' for this as things like the presence of black people in her videos, as in members of Odd Future. Of course, this isn't at all racist, because it is impossible for people of different skin colours to be actual friends: they must only be used decoratively in promotional footage. Jeez Louise.

So, there is a bit of aimlessly blurted background mess. Essentially, this is leading to the fact that 'Bumpin' Bumpin'' should probably not have been Kreayshawn's debut UK single. 'Gucci Gucci' (note the repetition - she's a thinker, this one) is definitely superior, showing a good ear for a catchy urban choon and a sprinkling of the academy-standard production talent and "flow" she bangs on about in interviews.

By comparison, 'Bumpin' Bumpin'' is less edgy and lacks pace and energy, employing steadily trancey synths over a set of supremely tinny hi-hats (once noticed, these are pretty grating, like the bicycle bell in Usher's 'Yeah!'). It's a grower, though, and there's a great electro outro, drawing more attention to producer/composer Adeptus' mixing ability than Kreayshawn's unashamedly auto-tuned chorus. In fact, his 'Acid Dub Remix', which is much more acid than dub, is the stand-out track of the release, with swooping electro ditties which remain true to the original, but eliminate the vocals - a refreshing break for all those who aren't too keen on her cyclical hipster drawl.

After a few listens, this 'pop-rap chill' does become more respectable, and while initially seeming too simple, it emerges as having this cold simplicity working in its favour. It's jerky vocal loops partner up well with the synth-lead melody. Again, lyrically this may as well have been called "I'm young and hip, yeah?", the theme being Kreayshawn in a club, the floor is bumpin' bumpin', and she is high. So high in fact, you can catch her "on an elephant". With a chopper. Run away? Yeah. But give it a listen first, then another, and who knows? You may end up staying, bumpin' a bit, and ultimately crushed by a huge mammal and riddled with bullets, all courtesy of a cocky stoner. Rockin'!

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