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My Tiger My Timing - Endless Summer

by Tom Doyle Rating:8.5 Release Date:2011-08-01

After a winning Glastonbury slot on the John Peel Stage on a beautiful Sunday lunchtime, My Tiger My Timing are a band certainly on the up. While the New Cross five-piece have a veritable feast of funky electro-pop tracks in their armoury, 'Endless Summer' is the one that you'll be hearing a lot more of after being recently added to the 6Music playlist.

From the off, Seb Underhill's opening keys waltz their way into your brain like pure temptation, while the stuttering bass mutes perfectly marry to Gary Drain's hypnotic beats. Anna Vincent's vocals have a playful innocence that mask a truly sultry side, like an ice cream running down the back of your hand in the hot, hot heat. While the infectious instrumentation of Jamie Harrison and Anna's brother James is impressive, the key to the track is Vincent's voice, which floats above it all in a beguilingly simple playground melody. It drifts on like, well, a summer breeze

The simple demand of "All I want is endless summer" strikes a common chord at this time of year, and the release has been timed perfectly to coincide with the festival season. Whether you're on the beach, stuck in the office, or if you're bloody lucky enough to find yourself at one of the band's upcoming tour dates, it'll be impossible to shake the melodies of this one.

Tigers usually roar, but these funky felines are on the cusp of the big-time with a delightful purr.

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