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Franklin vs Com Truise - I Know

by Lewis Shepherd Rating:2 Release Date:2011-04-25

Now, I had never heard of Franklin vs Com Truise and after researching online there still wasn't much I could find out about them, apart from the fact the song 'I know' was played on Lauren Laverne's Radio 6 show. 'I know' is described as a mix of electronic funk, mutant pop and old-school synths. However, the first song doesn't really have much to offer as it appears quite slow and a little bit boring. To be perfectly honest, you wouldn't find yourself dancing to it on a night out.

The second song, 'Great Society' isn't much better and sounds a little bit on the dreary side and if you heard it, it wouldn't be a must download song once you got home. Final song 'Hospital' follows suit in being yet another rather boring and dreary mix of vocals and synth sounds with what almost sounds like a nursery rhyme in the background, once again failing to capture the audience.

Overall, the songs are very underwhelming and I don't believe we will be hearing much more from these guys in the future.

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