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BARN OWL - Shadowland

by Steve Reynolds Rating:7.5 Release Date:2011-06-13

Barn Owl follow up last year's bloody brilliant Ancestral Star with brand new EP as a taste-whetter to their new album due later on this summer. In typical Barn Owl fashion, Jon Porras and Evan Caminiti warm your cockles with the slow burning 'Void and Devotion'. The song doesn't raise a pulse 'til nearly five minutes but the build up enables you to build a mental picture of the much needed medicine from a post-rave comedown. The whole track has a nagging two note refrain which is ubiquitous throughout while the layers of electronica meld together beautifully then fade out again with a wall of noise.

The EP's title track is a bloody great slab of monolithic drone. It's haunting, charming, pulsing with brooding tension and makes for a compelling listen. The finale is the epic 10 minute wonder ' Infinite Reach', which reaches out, leaving you to create a cinematic kaleidoscopic dream of your own while the gloomy guitar twang and withdrawn keys are simply hypnotic.

Barn Owl have never really gone away, thank god for that!

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