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Tribes - We Were Children EP

by Emily Bielby Rating:6.5 Release Date:2011-06-06

Weezer, Feeder or Nirvana spring to mind? Of course they do; Tribes' EP screams 'Teen Spirit'. They're another group who, without fail, manage to express their youthful zest for life through not one track, but four. Yes, following hot on the heels of PS I Love You, Tribes have also favoured teenage tumult, and returned to this overwought emotional state. An adolescent focus is indicated from the title of the EP and is evident the moment opening track 'We Were Children' starts. With its instant wailing of lost youth, however, it typically reminds me of a teenage cliché and not a good one. A calmer chorus is converted into a louder one with the guitar solo; this being the highlight.

'Girlfriend' is a little heavier and drenched in a scene of riffs, almost bordering garage rock. Lyrics such as "My girlfriend doesn't love me, my haircut doesn't suit me" display heated amounts of distress in those young relationships; brains, libidos and hearts, then the maturing process begins with 'Coming of Age'. Delivering youthful lyrics that reminisce about the mid-90s and subtle mumbling packed with nostalgia, it continues the reflective feel of the EP.

The acoustic demo of 'We Were Children' may not be as polished as the final but it showcases the bands tender side and is the perfect concluding note. We all get a bit nostalgic from time to time. Sometimes you have no choice but to look back to look forward and the Camden quartet have done just that.

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