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The Horrors - Still Life

by Rich Morris Rating:8 Release Date:2011-07-11

After the universal plaudits which greeted their last album, The Horrors knew they could and probably should take time to craft something special before coming back. So, wisely, they let the anticipation build before bringing us the first fruits of their new direction. Actually, the near ubiquitous 'new direction' or 'new sound' tags slapped on indie band comebacks don't feel too appropriate here, since 'Still Life' is more of a polish and refinement of the ambitious, expansive rock they crafted on Primary Colours. Out go shoegazy guitars (just in time, as that trend is definitely getting old) and in their place is a stately, subtly upbeat work of 80s-ish pop which owes a debt to Echo and the Bunnymen, (early) Simple Minds, Gary Numan and The Teardrop Explodes. Clearly confident of their songwriting chops, the boys take their time to impress us, layering tinkling synth over burbling backwards guitar, gradually building to a crascendo of brass and Faris Badwan's dreamy/creepy exhortation, "When you wake up/ you will find me".

It may not possess the shock value of Primary Colours' Krautrocking masterpiece 'Sea Within a Sea', but what it lacks in novelty it makes up for by being bloody good. It's definitely a grower too, so expect to hear this playing a lot in every corner of the indie-verse from now 'til, oooh, the next Horrors single drops.

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