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Gang of Four - Who Am I?

by Steve Reynolds Rating:6.5 Release Date:2011-04-18

Gang of Four will always be vital to the post-punk landscape just for producing the masterpiece that is their debut album Entertainment. The tension of the taut and fraught guitar of Andy Gill still lives long in the memory and his angular wriggles have influenced a plethora of modern indie bands from Bloc Party to Franz Ferdinand.

Sticking to this tried and template, with their trademark sound and the belligerent vocal of Jon King, they sound less like angry young men, more like angry older men. Its fair to say that bands are generally at their best musically when they are fresh faced and full of spunk and ideas. There is no doubt that this is unmistakebly GO4 but, although it stomps along through the chorus, it lacks those old hooks which you seem to endlessly wait for but never materialise. The track would probably benefit from the vocal being lower in the mix and a much more lo-fi production.

Dont get me wrong, it would put most bands to shame as a debut track but their legacy lives long in the memory and if anything that's a noose that sometimes tightens round the necks of G04

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