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The Primitives - Never Kill a Secret EP

by Steve Reynolds Rating:8 Release Date:2011-03-07

The Primitives are back. Hang on, they've never really been away, have they? I dunno, but they're back and sounding even poppier than ever after a long, long hiatus. Infamous for their single 'Crash', it's like they've never been away and while bands want to go and reinvent themselves The Primitives are keeping it proto-indie front-girl with an off-the-leash fervent guitar competing with Tracey Tracey's bubblegum vocals.

This four track EP is for anyone over the age of 35 who should go to the back of the cupboard and find those eight-hole DM's, cardigans, black 501s and as much paisley as you can physically get your hands on. The production is distinctly rough around the edges and lo-fi but this merely adds to its loveability factor.

'Rattle My Cage' is shimmering guitar that bounces off the wall with a warm glow which some might consider rather twee. It should really just be taken at face value - golden and syrupy. There is no doubt that The Primitives laid the foundations for such indie-pop girl-fronted bands as The Sundays and lately Camera Obscura and it's a bold statement for them to come back and once again lay their talents on the great British public. However, they drift in and juxtapose them perfectly into today's scene and it's a breath of fresh air against jerky, jagged, tired white-boy indie chords.

'Need All I Can Get' sees Tracey Tracey whisper a tale of how she is going to snarl her man in a variety of different manners. Her enchanting, suave delivery holds a dreamy gaze and can't fail to raise a smile. 'Never Kill a Secret' is much more mellow, and is a mix of subtle organ and acoustic guitar, while closer 'Breakaway' produces Tracey's deep south drawl which simply revels in a maelstrom of chiming keys and tambourines.

It's a clever clever return and a most welcome one.

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