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Crocodiles - Mirrors

by Al Brown Rating:7 Release Date:2011-02-28

Crocodiles are a San Diegan twosome who sound alot like The Raveonettes, although without the eerie harmonies that make The Raveonettes more than just another indie band. Obviously, everyone's on that Jesus and Mary Chain tip these days (or is it passé now?) but this has a sweet enough melody to punch through the fuzz. I think (maybe it's just egotism) that some of this is about music critics - check out this gnarly riposte: "You can sail on waves of shit/ and type your pointless ancient fingers to the bone/ But when your vessel sinks you'll drown in it/ and know that you've done nothing of your own."

Pretty good, eh? Certainly beats 'Mr Writer' by The Stereophonics. Although being accused of "doing nothing of your own" is a bit rich coming from a band who so obviously in thrall to JAMC, The Drums and about a million others, past and present. I'll forgive them, as this is another example of a band hitting on the 'nasty lyrics + sugar-sweet melodies = pop gold' equation - a formula so simple it's a wonder there's so much terrible music in the world.

B-side 'Jet Boy, Jet Girl' is a cover of 'Ça Plane pour Moi' by Plastique Bertrand with English lyrics and it's (obviously) not as good as the original and just a little bit pointless. Alright, I'm off to sail on waves of shit now; I hope my vessel is good and strong!

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Crocodiles - Mirrors - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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