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Cults - Go Outside

by Katy Ledger Rating:7.5 Release Date:2011-02-20

Less is definitely more. In the case of Cults, who popped up from obscurity mid-2010 after posting a track on Bandcamp, this idea served very much in their favour. The distinct lack of information created a mystique surrounding the band that peaked music buffs interest (they didn't even have a MySpace. Shock! Horror!). Pretty quickly Cults were one of the most famous unheard of bands in blogland.

Now, we at least know that Cults are Brian Oblivian and Madeline Follin, a couple from New York and finally we can start talking about the music. Thankfully, Cults music is more interesting than their absence of a social networking presence. Think twee, think 60s girl groups, think Summer Camp or perhaps try and think what Vivian Girls might sound like if they decided to make music with any kind of melody and it'll be pretty close to what Cults have cooked up.

An innocent glockenspiel begins 'Go Outside' and when Follin's childlike vocals come in you're instantly transported to a world where it's always summer, little girls sit on the curb eating ice creams, boys whiz past on their gearless bikes wearing their coat only by the hood and the possibility of a water fight is always just around the corner. But an eerie undertone creeps through the song, a sample of Peoples Temple leader Rev Jim Jones spouting, "To me death is not fearful, it's living that's treacherous." Suddenly all the sweetness is sucked right out of the lovely scene I created. Similarly, 'Most Wanted', another ode to the girl groups of the 1960s ends with the words, "Flirtation, drug use, adultery". Well at least no one can accuse Cults of being one-dimensional.

Melodic, bittersweet and almost worth the hype.

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