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J Mascis - Not Enough

by Steve Reynolds Rating:8 Release Date:2011-02-15

J Mascis - king of the slackers, king of the indie guitar solo. Could he ever put that fender down and give us something slightly less full tilt - no? Oh yes he bloody can; he's found something called the acoustic guitar, it's probably been at the back of his cupboard for the last 20 years gathering dust and finally in the 21st century he's decided to give it some tender loving care.

'Not enough' is the first from his new Several Shades of Why album and he rightly delivers in his usual croaky drawl, but his vocal is more prevalent rather than being a background as in his Dinosaur Jr day-job. It's rather lovely and warming and, with a chorus of soothing female backing vocals and even a tambourine, it sets the scene for his album very well. Mascis is still a master of the plaintive but bright acoustic riff. The silver fox of indie is as important today as he was when he started over 20 years ago. Long may it continue.

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