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The Wolfmen - Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK)

by Matt Massara Rating:7.5 Release Date:2010-11-29

'Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK)', taken from The Wolfmen's 2010 collaborations with Courtney Taylor-Taylor (The Dandy Warhols) is instantly likeable from first listen to last. The single, is one from various songs being implemented into The Wolfmen's next album 'Married to the Eiffel Tower'and is one that will surely grab attention.

The song opens with some curious and even peculiar tones before grittily etching into crunching harmonies. Everything about the initial moments rings from the period of John F Kennedy, with subtle deep bass notes and tingly guitar bends providing anticipation. The Dandy Warhols influence is apparent with a fantastic verse of soft harmonizing. An electrifying guitar riff suddenly disturbs this in the same way the timeline of sounds is disturbed by the contemporary. We enter a new celebration, with a catchy chorus to boot.

'Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK)' is curiously likeable. It is completely inoffensive and so would happily get playing time on Heart FM, with no complaints, rather confusion from the mothers dropping their kids off at school that haven't had 25 years to learn the lyrics. In all fairness nobody needs that long to learn the words. The song has a familiar structure and the chorus doesn't stretch much beyond the song title. This is certainly a song to appeal to the masses. And so it does, despite the song's inherent predictability. However, it is this predictability that makes The Wolfmen's single so enjoyable. It is an upbeat and joyful song that can be passively listened to with little concentration and still bring smiles to faces.

'Marilyn Monroe (Wam Bam JFK)' has analogous appeal with 'Bohemian Like You'. Soft harmonies and catchy guitar riffs are ripe to be overplayed on the radio, as the latter will testify. If this single is a sign of what's to come May 2011, most would be excitedly hopeful. So would it be wise to take time spend time listening to Heart FM and giving this single a chance. Well that depends. Would you have wanted to spend an evening in the company of Marilyn Monroe? I would have thought the vast majority would have liked to.

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