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Sea of Bees - Wizbot

by Mark Young Rating:7.5 Release Date:2011-02-14

Sea of Bees is the latest girl-wonder indie chick from California making waves in the States. Having just released her first album, she releases 'Wizbot' - the first single from it - here in the UK on Valentines Day. Rather than the soundtrack to Cupid's true love tryst, though, the song is a pained regale of a friendship which has overstepped its boundaries. A deeper love has grown but - for some reason - it's something that can't be allowed to be. After feelings are admitted, "With just one glance, I'm under your spell/ You read my soul, I breathe you in/ And now I come to realise that I'm not happy without your eyes." Then there's the torment over whether to make the leap: "Could it be that your the one for me? Help me please." Finally there's the awful realisation that everything has changed. What has been created could now, unbearably, destroy what made it: "Oh, my God, I don't ask for much, except for the one that I can't touch. What have I done?". It's definitely a heavyhearted affair.

The new sound in the indie girl pop world is something a lot less cutesy than it was when Feist and Regina Spektor were the main protagonists. While strawberry lip balm sweet singers never go out of fashion, there's now a trend towards a more mournful element to a vibe that's more country folk than bubblegum twee. Alongside her US peer Caitlin Rose and Aussie-born Allo' Darlin, Sea of Bees could be a leader of this scene.

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