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Spring Offensive - Between Me and You EP

by Dan Clay Rating:8.5 Release Date:2011-02-14

Oxford's finest Indie-rock boys return after last year's mini-album and mammoth single (it was 14 minutes!) with another neat trick up their loving sleeves. From Feb 14 for one week only, you can download this new EP from their website - here - on a 'pay what you like' basis. Go past £4 apparently and you'll be listed as a credit on their next single. Is it worth the dosh though?

Well, 'Bail Out's delightful musings highlight the power of lead singer Lucas Whitworth's voice well, aping Fleet Foxes' grander moments. 'To Burn or Build With's acoustic beginnings belie it's larger, more epic moments (and a rather odd "swallow me down" refrain throughout) while next single, 'A Stutter and a Start', here in acoustic arrangement, highlights some crisp harmonies and neat guitar playing.

'A Let Down's tales of friendship and love, meanwhile, showcase some darker moments of storytelling over a fluctuating guitar backdrop, while title track 'Between Me and You', the shortest on the EP, comes off as a distant echo which brings the short running time full circle to the similarly arranged opening number with its ever-building crescendo of haunting harmony.

It might not be the sort of Valentines' Day present you'd normally associate with the occasion, but this group's true tales of love evoke a more realistic sentiment - and all for the price of a pint or two. True love.

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