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Mojo Fury - Colour of the Bear

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2011-02-13

This is a single which at first leads you down a funky path with a bass intro and then slams you with 90s alternative rock. 'Colour of the Bear' has the kind of grainy, brooding anger of Nirvana and yet lacks the bite which it needs. There is melody and plenty of interesting shifts but the lyrics seem quiet in the mix and the potency is lost.

B-side 'The Mann' also has a 90s vibe but it's the acoustic lull of Oasis and Blur which can be picked up. Again the mix doesn't seem quite right; this time the drums, although basic, need a much sharper sound to drive this track. Mojo Fury offer something for both fans of the louder angrier rock and the melodic alternative Brit-rock; it's just a maturity in the coming together of these things which they ought to focus on.

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