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Toro Y Moi - New Beat

by Rich Morris Rating:10 Release Date:2011-03-29

Who's that funky cat, strutting down the street, getting appreciative looks from the ladies, grinning benignly and sweetly like some groovy, sex-magic combo of early Michael Jackson, pre 'my drug hell' Sly Stone and pre 'my Jehovah's witness-assisted slide into mediocrity' Prince? Why, it can't be, can it? Is that formerly shy, nerdy, archetypical bedroom-based loner Chazwick Bundick, aka breakout artist of last year, Toro Y Moi? Why, yes it is. And what a change a year makes.

'New Beat', one of the standout tracks on Toro Y Moi's second album, Underneath the Pine, finds Bundick more upbeat and perky than on the lovelorn and sometimes maudlin Causers of This. Over a butt-shaking beat, tinkling piano and some great, shameless 80s soul keyboards, Bundick sounds more carefree and confident than before, although his vocals are still a haze, drifting across the irresistible, sunshiny groove like smog rolling into San Francisco Bay. 'New Beat' takes ample inspiration from Arthur Russell's mutant disco experiments, but manages condense to them into a perfectly-formed four minutes without losing the quirkiness. This is far and away the best pop song 2011 has yet produced. If you haven't yet, get your mits on the album - now!

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